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Vicki M. Lambert

Founder and President, The Payroll Advisor™

Vicki M. Lambert, CPP is president and academic director of The Payroll Advisor™ a firm specialized in the training of payroll professionals. With over 35 years of hands-on experience in all facets of payroll functions as well as over 20 years as a trainer and author, Ms. Lambert has become the most sought-after and respected voice in the practice and management of payroll issues. She has conducted open market training seminars on payroll issues across the United States that have been attended by executives and professionals from some of the most prestigious firms in business today.

Ms. Lambert has lectured extensively on payroll administration and compliance issues for clients that have included Automatic Data Processing, CCH Incorporated, Ceridian Employer Services, and The Employer Group. Ms. Lambert has also served as a consultant and in-house trainer for businesses such as Sun Microsystems, Paychex, Fox Studios, Disney, County of Riverside, and City of Hesperia. Ms. Lambert is an adjunct faculty member at Brandman University in Southern California. She is the creator of and the instructor for the Practical Payroll Online program offered through the School of Extended Education.

Recorded Webinars

Tax Levies and Creditor Garnishments: Maintaining Compliance and Eliminating Problems

This seminar covers the complexity in the handling and compliance with tax levies and creditor garnishments by the payroll department. Priorities between conflicting entities as well as federal and state compliance requirements are highlighted as well as tips for reducing processing time and costs.

W-2's?, 1099's?, Independent Contractors? Protect Yourself with Proper Classification

Understanding proper classification requirements and helping to guide your company through this sensitive and important decision can be one of the most valuable and beneficial services that payroll departments can provide to the organization. Can you be relied upon to make those determinations correctly?

Proper Identification and Payment of Exempt Employees

Employee classification is a basic and important task that pertains to the payroll process. If this process is flawed then chances are that the information produced by the payroll department is wrong! This also increases the chance for audits of other payroll procedures that can also give way to hefty penalties. Don't let this chain of events come to pass!

Documenting Payroll Procedures

This presentation gives an overall view of the benefits of having thoroughly documented payroll procedures in the department and how to create them. Join Us and Learn: 1) Why writing procedures as you are doing them is not the best way 2) How an alien from another planet can actually help you write clear and concise procedures that anyone can use and understand