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Isaac Botbol

CEO and founder, Training for Hispanics in the Workplace

Isaac Botbol is the CEO and founder of Training for Hispanics in the Workplace. He is a bilingual trainer with 20 years of experience developing and delivering leadership skills workshops and webinars to food processing, manufacturing, medical and hospitality industries. He has also worked in Mexico, Central and Latin America. His clients include: Sara Lee Foods, CSM Bakery and The Texas Workforce Commission. Isaac is dedicated to the unique workplace learning needs of non-English fluent, Hispanic supervisors and front line employees.

First generation Hispanic employees have specific learning styles and preferences. They are deeply rooted in practicality and they prefer learning that is experientially based. Isaac has developed workshops and learning products that are specifically suited for their workplace learning needs. Learning occurs when there is trust and a connection between the facilitator and the participants. Isaac is very familiar with the various Hispanic cultures and he is able to communicate with them in the Spanish language and lingo they know and understand.

Isaac delivers training in both a live, instructor-led setting, as well as through a series of webinars. Some of the topics include: Leadership Skills for Supervisors, Motivating through Effective Feedback Skills, and others.

Recorded Webinars

Listening Skills In Order To Improve Communications for non-English (Spanish) fluent

Listening is one of the most often used activities yet it is one of the least understood. Effective listening skills result in fewer errors and confusion in the workplace and leads to creating a successful working environment. Each dialogue is an opportunity to establish and develop a strong communication link between the speaker and the listener.