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Angela Nuttle

Founder and CEO, Corporate OD Strategies

Angela is founder and CEO of Corporate OD Strategies, a consulting firm helping people to make profound personal and professional shifts through experiential learning and coaching. Her collaborative approach is strengths based with a focus on well-being.

Angela is known for building high visibility programs and initiatives for Fortune 500 companies including Roche, Northrop Grumman, and Kellogg, Brown, & Root. She spent three years in Iraq as a HR defense contractor and is frequently asked to speak about her experiences.

Angela's innovative solutions reflect her ability to take ambiguous circumstances and create a unique learning or OD strategy from the ground up. She specializes in multi-faceted cultural transformation programs that address several needs simultaneously.

As a coach and facilitator, Angela holds multiple certifications with Center for Creative Leadership, Franklin Covey, Coaches Training Institute, PDI, DiSC, MBTI, and Strengths Finder. She holds a Masters in Human Resources Management and Organizational Development. She's been practicing in the field for 19 years.

Recorded Webinars

Practical Tools for Coaching, Feedback, and Mentoring

This interactive webinar/workshop is power packed with practical tools you can use immediately as a mentor, coach, or person who gives feedback. We look at how the 2020 workplace is inviting us to change our approach as we develop people through coaching, mentoring, and feedback.

How to Create your "HR Trusted Advisor" Strategy for 2015

Becoming a trusted HR Advisor who is seen as credible is possible- it simply requires a strategy and focused execution. HR has historically struggled with being seen in an administrative role. In this workshop, you will learn how to reverse this perception. We will look at key internal consulting skills and 5 facets of business awareness that HR Professionals should be focusing on as part of the overall strategy. With a template and on the spot feedback, you will leave the session with a practical strategy to implement immediately.

Executive Presentation for HR Professionals: How to Use the Fine Dining Delivery Method

It's one matter to deliver a presentation; it's another matter to present in front of executives. This very practical session helps you address the challenges with executives and how to structure your presentations in a way that gets the room sitting up and paying attention. You will be taught a unique metaphor called the "Fine Dining" Method to build your next masterpiece and walk away with a template and tips for immediate implementation.

Executive Presence for HR Professionals

Executive Presence is defined in a variety of ways. For the HR Professional, this hot topic is critical to understand for HR Professionals. You want to be taken seriously as a business partner, but first you have to gain the attention of your leaders, colleagues, and internal customers.