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Rich Batchelor

President, Capillary Consulting Inc.

Rich is a very highly respected international change management professional with extensive experience delivering successful outcomes to engagements in business transformation, enterprise technology solutions and organizational restructures (including M&A) supported by extensive positive achievement in strategic human resources, executive leadership coaching, organizational development and operational excellence delivery.

He has a global presence, working with businesses across Europe, Asia, Australia and the Americas to develop, plan, implement and sustain the changes needed to grow and prosper. Rich studied for his masters specializing in change management in the UK and is also a certified coach, HR professional, Project Manager, counselor and psychotherapist. He is also an enthusiastic facilitator for Lego® Serious Play ® workshops and has engaged several hundreds at conferences and events to explore their relationship with change using the power of Lego!

Richard has worked in public sector change for many years and built up extensive experience on large scale transformational and multinational change events. He has worked with government clients in Canada, UK and Europe, business start-ups and new ventures across North America, Europe and Australia and multinational companies like Johnson & Johnson, PEPSICO, Phillips and FedEx.