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Setting up Structured On the Job Training- Accelerate Profits with faster On-Boarding

This webinar teaches the basics of setting up a successful orientation and onboarding process.

June 15, 2020
10:00 AM PDT | 01:00 PM EDT
90 Minutes
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Orientation and Onboarding- What's the difference?

Generally, orientation starts when the offer is accepted, it includes pre-start date training, first day(s) training and a transition to their direct leader. When (usually) Human Resources is finished with orientation, that's when onboarding starts, with training generally performed within the team on the technical tasks of the job.

New employees are looking for answers to their millions of questions and YET-they do not want to seem incompetent! New hires need to prove their worth right away to their new employers- Some feel very urgently about this and are looking for support from the company to help them shine!

This is a good chance for organizations to make a favorable impression on their new hire- by supporting them and providing timely answers and helping them to not mess up! This helps keep businesses from urgent, sudden disruptions, caused by mistakes, turnover, injuries and frustration.

While you are rebuilding the company from COVID-19, also keep in mind that high performance is desperately needed to keep the company competitive and agile. A newly hired (or a hired back) employee cannot perform competently unless they are well trained. This webinar teaches the basics of setting up a successful orientation and onboarding process.

Why should you Attend: New hires get an orientation whether or not it is offered formally or informally. They learn from mistakes, injuries and criticism. Research shows a structured training program makes a huge impact to organizations as compared to "The Buddy Method" of training, which causes frustrating losses in productivity, quality and safety.

But some companies successfully head these problems off with a proper training program. It turns out, those organizations that take a preventative approach to training also enjoy a higher retention rate and higher profitability.

The quality of onboarding-the process of integrating new employees into the company-is crucial. The rockier the onboarding process, the sooner new hires will leave the company. You may have heard stories of people at your organization that left after a few days or months.

This is a waste of time, money, and morale for your team. The amount of waste can actually be tremendous: with all that time it takes to review resumes and interview candidates, the hours that new hires spend in orientation, the overextension of your current team, and the work that goes undone.

Then think of the errors of new hires as they learn their new role, the drop in morale of the team when they leave, and continued overwork by the team while the recruiting picks up again.

Research puts this cost at approximately 90-200% of the person's annual salary. Try to avoid a bad first impression by putting together a welcoming and effective orientation and onboarding process.

Areas Covered in the Session:
  • How does an effective new hire orientation improve an organization's bottom line?
  • The project scope- How to plan to meet business needs.
  • Decide how often and the method to deliver orientation to get the most benefits
  • List specific resources to provide for these core elements of an effective new hire orientation (you can't do it all)
  • Ways to communicate culture, values and behaviors:
  • The big handoff: How to prepare leaders for new hire success
  • Starting to establish S-OJT (Structured On-the-Job Training)
  • Growing OJT and measuring results

Who Will Benefit: Human Resources Professionals who make decisions about their workforce with top leaders:
  • HR Business Partners
  • HR Managers/Directors/Executives

Katy Caselli The owner and president of Building Giants, LLC, and an Organizational Psychologist, Katy is the author of the book: Building Giants: A Proven System to Transform Your Workforce Through Effective Training.

she has over twenty years of experience in solving complex organizational problems through excellent people systems and solutions. Having run projects for large, global manufacturing organizations, Katy has a long list of success stories in bringing about positive human performance change and a return on investment using strategic workforce initiatives.

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