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Be the Leader Others Want to Work With!

In this webinar we will dive into 1:1 conversation's, team meetings, how to motivate, and inspire and of course how to respond as a leader.

November 27, 2019
10:00 AM PST | 01:00 PM EST
60 Minutes
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You may have read hundreds of leadership books, listened to podcasts and learned from some of your mentors and past leaders. This is wonderful, but with all this information, how do you stay true to your authentic self while building in tools that will help you be the leader you want to be? In this webinar, we will take a sail around the waters of communication in order for you to be that leader.

The world in sales is all about differentiating yourself and finding your uniqueness. This applies to leadership just as much. Taking a deep dive into how your personality, your presentation and your poise plays a role in how you lead will help you discover the leadership skills you have and those that you may be missing. If you read that being a good listener is a tool leaders need to have, how do you apply this, when you are tasked with too many projects, commitments, and people wanting your attention.

Instead, what are ways to connect with an individual so that you can listen, so that their agenda is clear, and they are ready to share so that you can not only listen, but show empathy, indness and interest in their idea, their challenge or thoughts. The when, and how to listen is as important as the task itself.

You might have heard to be a good leader you must show by example. Easier said than done, you might say. But what if you were confident in your uniqueness, and ability to connect that leading by example was actually a habit rather than a chore. How do you engage with your team, so that they work with you instead of despite you?

Many companies are thriving with an attitude that fun is important in a work day. How do you bring that side of you, where you show your kids how to play, or laugh at the smallest things, or walk with a skip in your step even at work? You are a person first, a father or mother, a friend, a neighbour etc. Work, does not have to be a prison; it can be fun, and energizing and exciting and it all starts with tapping into the leaders of your organization.

In this webinar, you will see how your leadership ways can lead to a positive, energizing and inspiring workplace. When this is of top priority, not only will your employees speak highly of you, as a mentor in their space, you will have fun leading a team of go getters.

Mental Health can not be ignored. To be a great leader, the more you understand the world of Mental Health the better you can respond to your own Mental Health challenges, but also those around you. When you put Mental Health as a priority in your organization, the greatness of people will shine.

Find you, build respect, and be that leader that others want to work with. It's not impossible but it does take commitment to learning, growing and experiencing leader ways that work. Become the leader everyone wants to work with.

Why should you Attend: What takes up most time in your business day? Is it sitting at your desk working quietly and effectively on a project, is it diving into a new idea or thought which might help the business grow or is it talking to your colleagues, your teams, having staff meetings, and strategic planning meetings? Does "talking" take up most of your time?

Imagine if you could lead your team more effectively or engage your colleagues so that they listen the first time and imagine if you could cut down on the amount of time miscommunication causes a problem in your company or organization. If this sounds good to you, then this webinar is for you.

Within this webinar you will pick up the Leader Tool Kit, for smooth sailing. Imagine if by just adjusting your sails, or tightening your ropes, you could sail through all types of waters, both rough and relaxing.

Communication is similar to sailing, small adjustments to how you listen, and how you communicate can help open the bridge to time savers, stronger relationships, better understanding and more effective and productive meetings and trainings.

Whether you are speaking to one employee or colleague or your entire staff, confident, clear and creative communication is essential. Start with a bang, something that will catch the listeners attention, helping them get rid of the noise in their minds to stop and listen and focus on you. Finish your conversation with a bang, leaving your listener with a clear understanding of next steps, and motivation to take action.

In this webinar we will dive into 1:1 conversation's, team meetings, how to motivate, and inspire and of course how to respond as a leader. Picture yourself as being the leaders everyone wants to work with…and doing this by bringing your authentic personality and speaking style to all conversations and presentations you make on a day to day schedule.

Areas Covered in the Session:
  • Who are you as a leader today?
  • What is a "great" leader?
  • Communication - Clarity - Confidence
  • How to lead a motivating and inspiring workplace
  • Mental Health in the workplace
  • Top 3 ways to ensure you are the leader everyone wants to work with

Who Will Benefit:
  • New Leaders
  • Supervisors/Managers
  • Business Owners
  • Entrepreneurs

Sarah Hilton has studied human behaviour and communication styles through her 20 years of working with thousands in the area of mental health. Sarah has the inside secret to communication and creating messages that are memorable whether you are speaking to one or one thousand. Sarah has spent the last 10 years coaching and presenting presentation techniques that lead audiences to change, grow and discover a world they may not understand. Through a caring and supportive environment, you too can speak out with a message that is memorable.

Your Speaker What does it take to be a powerful and persuasive presenter? Would you like to stand out from other speakers? As a known speaker on Communication, Sarah has combined her training and experience to create a speaking system that she uses to train, facilitate and inspire audiences of up and coming speakers, professionals and businesses working on their key messaging. Through an entertaining and engaging keynote, your audience will get up and take action; feel prepared to use The World Class speaking methods and Sarah’s speaking system which have outstanding results.

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