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Branding Your Culture

90 Minutes
6 months
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Overview: Richard Mills provides proven methods to focus on the most important part of your company - your culture.

Companies have products, services, intellectual property, financial assets, people and market recognition. The one thing that ties all of these resources together is culture. An organization's culture is the life force that defines its goals, fuels its development and measures its successes.

What the marketplace perceives of an organization is usually the products it produces or services that it provides. The outward image of the company is its brand. This is not bad but it is a shortcoming of what is completely "behind the veil". Currently, a vast majority of brand loyalty the link to a company and its culture and not just the product or service. It is the ability to leverage this loyalty and culture that will provide market strength and grow when it would otherwise not occur.

So if the brand, which focuses outward, could reflect the culture, which ultimately drives everything inward - what would that look like? Many companies have that solid connection and we know who they are. But how can you bring the same linkage to your company? How can you better reach your target market if your culture was widely known and admired?

Overall merger of brand and culture can bring alignment to organizations from a startup venture all the way up to a Fortune 500 company.

Why should you attend: "What's the most important part of you company?" Most people will say it is their people. But there is something more important than your people - it is the culture in which they operate in. Your culture becomes everything within your organization and your brand is the impression to the outside world. How do you link this two critical aspects of every organization together?

Areas Covered in the Session:
  • Components of Brand:
    • Products
    • Service
    • Intellectual property
    • Distribution and logistics
  • Components of Culture
    • People
    • Mission and Vision
    • Motivation
    • Decision making processes
    • The "Why"
  • The branding of culture
    • Marketplace buy-in
    • Customer loyalty
    • Growth in adverse conditions.

Who Will Benefit:
  • Operations Managers and Directors
  • Engineering Managers and Directors
  • Sales Managers and Directors
  • HR Professionals
  • Line Managers
  • Chief Human Resource Officers
  • HR Directors and Managers
  • Training Directors
  • Executive Team Members
  • Business Owners

Richard Mills brings diverse executive experience from manufacturing, sales & marketing, operations, leading multiple global locations; utilizing his backgrounds in government, venture capital, private equity, private and public environments.

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