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Building Bridges Between HR and Executive Assistants: No More Them vs Us

In this webinar, the speaker will show realistic and reasonable ways to solve the problems between HR and Executive Assistants.

February 19, 2020
10:00 AM PST | 01:00 PM EST
90 Minutes
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If it is true that a "them vs us" dynamic exists between HR professionals and Executive Assistants and if it is also true that we see the value in changing the status quo, that is the compelling reason for this webinar.

Bonnie Low-Kramen will discuss the burning issues for EAs which are compensation, career progression, and workplace bullying. To reveal the details of these issues is the first step to addressing them in a collaborative, cooperative way.

Let's take compensation as one example. In general, executive assistants in the United States are underpaid, some severely underpaid to the point of not being able to support themselves and yet they hold a tremendous amount of responsibility in their roles.

There are many contributing factors as to why this is the case.
  • The role is populated by 95-98% women
  • They don't ask
  • They don't know what the role is worth in their market
  • They are not trained to negotiate
  • There are genuine fears about asking for more money
  • Fear of approaching HR
  • Fear of losing their job
  • Fear of rejection and being told "no"
  • Fear of not being liked and viewed negatively
  • Fear of not being "worth" more money because of not holding a college degree

While some of these fears are often irrational and do not have a basis in reality, many of these fears are, in fact, possible outcomes.

The reality is that in 2019, there are EAs who are functioning as true executive business partners and viewed as part of the ELT - Executive Leadership Team.

They are the right arms to their executives, the backbone of the company, the face of the company culture and as such, are a powerful, influential, and key constituency in the modern workplace.

Despite this reality, the hard truth is that EAs are not only underpaid, but they also have obsolete job titles, outdated job descriptions, and salaries that have not been adjusted in years. CEOs say to me, "Bonnie, if I don't hear anyone complaining, I think there is no problem." I respond, "Just because there is no complaining, most definitely does not mean there is no problem."

In this webinar, Bonnie is going to break the silence and talk about realistic and reasonable ways to solve the problems. How do we measure success? Improved morale, increased employee retention, higher productivity, and higher profits.

Why should you Attend: The Executive Assistants of the world do not believe that HR is on their side or for them. EAs also believe that in general, HR has no idea what they actually do. As a result, they do everything to avoid HR and that is not helping relationships and partnerships in the modern workplace.

HR views EAs as a barrier to the executives and EAs view HR as the barrier to fair compensation and an accurate title. It's overtime for building bridges between these two groups. Bonnie Low-Kramen is going to open up this topic to expose real-life solutions.

Areas Covered in the Session:
  • Empathy is built through understanding of the pain points of each constituency
  • Why has communication broken down between the groups?
  • Ways to build bridges and have strong communication between HR & EAs
  • Areas of commonality between the two groups

Who Will Benefit:
  • HR Director
  • HR Associates
  • Company Managers

For 25 years, Bonnie Low-Kramen worked as the Personal Assistant to Oscar winner Olympia Dukakis and now travels the world educating, empowering, and inspiring. In May, 2019, Bonnie's work was featured as a Forbes cover story. As the bestselling author of Be the Ultimate Assistant and the founder of Ultimate Assistant Training, she is one of the most respected leaders in the administrative profession.

Bonnie is a columnist for Executive Secretary Magazine and is at the center of the movements to end workplace bullying and to close the wage gap. Named 2015 Educator of the Year by DEMA, the Domestic Estate Managers Association, Bonnie is known for her passionate commitment to be a catalyst for positive change in the global workplace.

To date, she has spoken and taught in 14 countries. Clients include Starbucks, Amazon, PwC, AMC Entertainment, Dell, and MasterCard. Bonnie co-hosts the "Be the Ultimate Assistant Podcast" with Vickie Sokol Evans where they tackle the burning workplace issues. With trademark honesty and humor, she pulls the curtain back so that we can all lean in and excel at the very highest levels. Bonnie holds a BA from Rutgers University. A native New Jerseyan turned Floridian, Bonnie believes that you can’t be it if you can't see it. She helps her audiences to see what is really happening in our modern workplace so that they can change the world.

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