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How to Develop Your Professional Presence

90 Minutes
6 months
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Presence can be defined as the ability to project a sense of ease, poise, self-assurance and effectiveness. We know it when we see it, or more accurately, when we feel it. It's captivating. It draws us in, and it can be instrumental in building rapport and trust with your clients, your team, or your managers. Yet it's increasingly rare in this day when there are so many demands on our attention that's it's difficult to focus on any one thing for more than short period of time. That makes it even more valuable, both for the professional edge it gives and for the health and well-being of those who take the time and effort to develop it.

In this seminar, we'll explore the three key aspects of professional presence and the tools and techniques that will help you develop each in aspect in your self. Being present sounds basic, but it is much easier said than done. You'll learn the basics of being mindful on the job, and techniques and exercises you can use to diffuse stress before you enter an important interaction and manage it when it rises up. These practices will help instill self-fulfilling habits that, as they become more and more ingrained, will become a natural-and noticeable-way of presenting yourself.

The benefits of what you'll learn go beyond your professional growth-the ability to be present and aware in your interactions with others will enhance your relationships and improve the quality of your life.

Why should you attend: What kind of impression do you make when you walk into a room, participate in a meeting, or give an important presentation? You do make an impression, every time you're in front of other people. Within seconds, they form an opinion of you based on what they see and feel. Especially in a professional environment, your behavior and bearing informs others' judgment of your confidence, your status, and how much of their time and attention you warrant.

Great leaders inspire trust and loyalty by connecting with others, even on an impersonal level. You can learn the skills to build rapport and appear poised, confident and in control-even if you don't feel that. By applying and practicing simple techniques, you can increase your presence and awareness in any situation, and hone the skills that command attention and set you apart from the crowd.

Areas Covered in the Session:
  • Use your physiology to influence how you feel and appear to others
  • Quiet your mental chatter
  • Use your breath and visualization to release tension and regain balance
  • Project poise and self-confidence, even when you're nervous
  • Pace your speech to convey authority and self-control
  • Expand and direct your energy with purpose
  • Make your audience feel seen and important

Who Will Benefit:
  • Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Team Leaders
  • Employees who aspire to Senior Positions

Pauline Khem is president of Perform to Potential, a coaching and training company that helps professionals create careers they find both rewarding and meaningful. She helps her clients reconnect with their personal purpose and power and integrate it daily in their professional lives. Pauline believes that the workplace is the ideal environment to develop the self-awareness and skills that will unlock our latent potential and uplift every aspect of our lives - and the lives of others.

Pauline's corporate experience includes 25 years in the financial services industry, helping senior executives throughout the U.S., Europe and Asia develop strategies to attract and retain clients. She has also owned her own travel business and served as a national training director in the cosmetics industry. Throughout her career she's trained groups and individual clients around the world in sales, productivity, leadership and personal development. She is immediate past president of the American Business Women's Association NYC chapter and the current secretary of the National Speakers Association NYC chapter.

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